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farSight is rapidly growing and we have immediate openings for the right people in Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Business, and Support.

Scroll down to learn more about a career with us.

The farSight Environment

Different than Any Place You've Ever Worked Before

farSight is a unique company.

We value an individual's skill, ambition, and ability to self-motivate. Our appraoch to building our team is to find the best people we can - wherever they may be - and offer them an opportunity to excel while doing things that few people ever will.

To enable this vision, farSight is a "virtual company". This means that our entire team works primarily from home office environments. Engineers are set up with a home lab. Scientists are given the tools they need to advance their research. Our team is linked by modern collaborative work spaces and communication technologies. This allows us to build a world class team of the best and most skilled personnel without asking them to up and relocate to one of our locations.

This approach also allows a large degree of flexibility in work-life balance and autonomy for our team. We believe that someone who is a good fit for farSight will be driven to excel and so there is no need for the "traditional management" appraoches to punching time cards, core hours, and in-person officing. 

While we didn't plan it, this model has proven incredibly effective as we have experienced significant growth throughout 2020 - even in the midst of pandemics and unrest.


Who we are looking for


We are actively seeking Engineering professionals in the following disciplines:

Electrical Engineering

RF and Antenna Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Software Engineering

Systems Engineering

Manufacturing and Production

Additive Manufacturing


We have immediate needs for scientists and other technical professionals with areas of interest and expertise including:

Atmospheric Science

Plasma Physics

Machine Learning

Electric Propulsion

Materials Science

Business Professionals

We are seeking experienced professionals in the business-related areas of:

Human Resources

Contract Management

Industrial / Facility Security

Keyboard and Mouse


If you believe a career with farSight could be in your future, contact us.

We particularly invite veterans, service disabled veterans, and former US Government civil service professionals to consider a career with our team.

farSight Technologies, LLC, is an equal opportunity employer. 

Thanks for submitting!

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