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Software and Embedded Systems Engineers

From the depths of the oceans to the depths of deep space, farSight Technologies is solving the problems that others have said are impossible. Along the way we are enabling exciting exploration and capabilities including commercial space flight, national security and homeland defense, space and earth science, international shipping and logistics, combatting drugs and human trafficking, protecting law enforcement and first responders, and searching the skies for hazardous asteroids.


Our unique company seeks out the “best of the best”, and our virtual office model means that we can build teams comprised of outstanding people – no matter where they choose to work, live, and play. We don’t subscribe to a 9-5, M-F plan, believing that the best people – the most creative and successful teammates – will work better if they work the way they work best. Leveraging today’s technology for interconnected workplaces and telepresence we are proud of the balance our teammates have been work, family, and personal ambitions.

farSight Technologies is looking to fill several embedded systems development positions with our rapidly growing team. Specific openings include roles for network protocol and network stack developers, embedded systems programmers, FPGA/DSP developers, chip and board level software developers, software architects, and software test engineers.

  • Embedded Systems Development: C, C++, Java, Python, MATLAB. Embedded system software process flows and tools including various IDEs (Visual Studio, Eclipse), UI frameworks such as Qt, embedded operating systems including standard and real-time implementations of Linux, VxWorks, Integrity, and Nucleus. Familiarity with GPP and GPU processor architectures. Experience developing chip and board level drivers and hardware abstraction layers and adapting POSIX environments to custom hardware.

  • Network Protocol and Network Stack Development: Physical, Link, and Network layer protocols and applications including Ethernet, I2C, SPI, SpaceWire, FireWire, USB, Sonet, ATM, CCSDS, UDP, TCP, LTP, IP, and BP. Familiarity with network establishment and routing algorithms including MANET techniques, 802.11, BlueTooth PAN, Zigbee PAN, DTN, and Link-16.

  • FPGA/DSP Development: Familiarity with chips, boards, and development tools to support Xilinx and Intel FPGA development workflows. Familiarity with the design and implementation of various digital signal processing structures including filters, FFTs, correlators, signal convolvers, various buffers, channelizers, and data flow controls. Familiarity with high-speed data interfaces and interconnects including 100 GbE and 400 GbE, JESD204B, PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0. Familiarity with the design and implementation of communications signal processing structures and algorithms including mixers, PN-code generation and correlation, decimators and sub-samplers, signal and image search techniques, compression, and channel coding (including Reed-Solomon and Viterbi convolutional codes).

  • Software Architecture and Software Systems Engineering: Definition of functionality, behaviors, and interfaces of software components. Architecture definition and decomposition, requirements development, CONOPS development and definition, verification, validation, and test planning and execution. XML and UML architecture modeling and representation. XML, UML, SysML, and DODAF architecture modeling and representation. Familiarity with systems based on the OSI and TCP/IP model frameworks, publish/subscribe and messaging middleware architectures. Familiarity with the principles of model based system engineering (MBSE) and MBSE tools such as Valispace, CORE, Cradle, Rational System Architect, and Genesys.


About the position:

  • This is a full time, exempt, salaried position.

  • The successful candidate will be eligible for full benefits including medical, dental, vision, life, disability, 401k, and others.

  • This is primarily a “remote, work from home” position. farSight will provide all necessary IT and home office systems and software.

  • Limited travel is required.

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