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Know Your World

farSight supports and enables both manned and unmanned instrumentation and collection missions, providing development, integration, test, mission planning, and mission execution support at locations around the world.

farSight personnel have integrated mission payload onto some of the most unique platforms in the world including NASA's WB-57, ER-2, and ultra-high altitude balloons and airships. farSight personnel develop technologies and systems including sensors, payloads, data communications networks, and mission operations systems enabling earth and space science, environment monitoring, overhead imagery and signal collection, and offensive and defensive RF / cyber systems. Whether developing a prototype for evaluation or a one-off operational capability, farSight has the experience and expertise to execute the engineering, integration, and operations for demanding, time-sensitive, and mission critical science and national security missions.

In addition to engineering and systems integration, farSight personnel have and are ready to support deployed mission operations around the world enabling customer mission success.

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