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farSight Technologies, LLC, is a dedicated team of experienced engineers, technologists, and operations experts with a passion to take on challenges said to be impractical or impossible. Combining decades of hands on and in-the-field experience with partnerships that span academia, research institutes, and government, farSight brings just the right skills to solve our clients’ hardest challenges and enable vital missions in:

  • Space Exploration

  • Human Spaceflight

  • Commercial Space

  • Defense and Intelligence

  • Government Programs

  • C3ISR / PNT / Mission Operations

  • Disadvantaged and contested communication

Do the impossible.


Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Know the High Ground

farSight works alongside NASA, NOAA, DHS, USSF, and other organizations to develop new techniques to detect, track, and characterize space objects, determine “patterns of life and behavior”, and detect and characterize NEOs and potentially hazardous objects. farSight technologies stand at the forefront of capability in precision deep space radar, characterization of the solar wind and space weather environment. Additionally, farSight technologies represent the state of the art in SSA including the detection, identification, characterization, tracking, and custody maintenance of both natural and manmade space hazards. farSight technologies and personnel continuously work to ensure the characterization of the space environment and to provide early-warning of Earth-hazardous objects. 


Connect Your Mission

farSight has extensive experience in developing, modeling, evaluating, and assessing the capability of various integrated C4ISR and mission-specific architectures - and deploying them into the field. Key competencies include technologies, systems, and operations in a resource constrained, operationally contested environment. farSight personnel and technologies provide solutions to assured position, navigation, timing, and disrupted communications. Where information is the greatest commodity, farSight ensures availability and resiliance.

Ensure the Enterprise

farSight provides unique, quantitative and qualitative risk assessment, hazard identification, and threat mitigation to information systems, space and ground systems, and mission architectures. farSight's techniques, developed over nearly a decade of effort with NASA, USAF, and the US DOD/IC, address systems as wholistic architectures including technological, physical, information, and human elements. This work formed the basis for many of the US' most critical space systems protection models including those under the NSISC and CNSS. farSight's unique threat- and human-factors-based risk assessment and hazard mitigation approach provides quantitative assurance of mission and system protection in an unsure and contested world.


Know Your World

farSight supports and enables manned and unmanned instrumentation and collection missions, as well as communications, networking, and position determination providing development, integration, test, mission planning, and execution support at locations around the world.

farSight personnel have integrated mission payloads onto some of the most unique platforms ever to take flight including the WB-57, ER-2, and ultra-high altitude balloons and airships. Systems developed by the farSight team are even now keeping watch over the Nation's warfighters around the world.

In addition to engineering and systems integration, farSight personnel are ready to support deployed mission operations around the world to enable time critical and mission unique customer requirements .


Develop Next Generation Solutions

farSight brings the ability to design and develop new technologies to meet specific national and customer requirements whether terrestrial, maritime, airborne, or spaceborne.


Exploring New Frontiers

farSight personnel have performed every step of space mission design, execution, and operations from mission concept development through mission operations, from instrument and component design through system engineering and integration, from architecture ideation through mission data reduction and analysis. farSight develops and executes cutting-edge technologies, mission concepts, and mission-enabling systems to push the frontiers of technology enabling robotic science, exploration, and human spaceflight.



2600 South Shore Blvd
Suite 300
League City, TX 77573


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